Beautiful and exotic places to visit – Maldives

We all imiginate ourselves once to be able to know beautiful and exotic places to visit both on vacation, as on our honeymoon and get lost from the rest of the world for a few days for example in the Maldives.

Total relaxation in the Maldives

Can you imagine yourself in this cabin on the turquoise waters in the company of the most beloved person? Take a bottle of champagne, in the pool, on a lounger or sitting with your feet inside a crystal clear waters filled with a multitude of different species of fish.

Read your best book, sunbathe in a hammock above the ocean, swim freely or just relax.
When you are in the Maldives, you will forget the rest of the world.

Are you still hesitating? Well you have to know, that you do not need to hire a cabin on the water, you can find in any hotel in the area another kind of luxuries that will make your holidays unforgettable. Get an idea in the 4 photos that I show you below

Which time of the year is the ideal – Beautiful and exotic places to visit – Maldives

Maldive, they are like a dream, there is no traveler who does not travel its kilometric beaches with fine sand.
A spectacular sunrise. A starry night, since you will not see in the world such a starry sky as in Maldives.
Vegetation, coral barriers, palm trees, bungalows on the water, unique aquatic species, water sports, with equatorial climate, with pleasant temperatures all year round.

The best time to avoid prolonged storms and humidity is from December to April. They are months of dry season.

Aquatic species

Immerse yourself in waters full of fish, octopus, sea horses, blankets, turtles …
Enjoy these magnificent aquatic creatures and if you have a submersible camera, you can opt for the best photos.
Unforgettable moments that you can not miss.

Phenomenon of luminescence called: The sea of ​​stars

Really spectacular, with what nature gives us.

BLOG – Beautiful and exotic places to visit – Maldives

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