Discover the Punta Caliza Hotel


Elegant, organic and aquatic. This is Punta Caliza Hotel.

Built on the paradisiacal Holbox Island and created by a family of travelers in love with their country, Mexico. Its architecture, with straight lines and pure colors, captures the guest’s gaze, although it is its curious pool, which extends as a channel for each of the facades of the 12 rooms, which charms it.


The long buildings that house the rooms generate a large pool, which when flooded, becomes the main activity space of the Punta Caliza Hotel.

This public area is filtered little by little into the rooms, generating private pools from the same body of water.

The water is essential for Punta Caliza Hotel

The huge swimming pool and the patios that are flooded in each suite, besides, are not just for fun. They allow regulating the air temperature, cooling it before entering the room, whose ventilation seeks to reduce the use of air conditioning equipment. This ecological initiative is not only reflected in the use of water, but also in the materials used to build the hotel.


The buildings

In addition, the shapes of the buildings are also sustainable thanks to their imitation of Mayan constructions: “The vegetal cover, wooden structure and sand base are principles taken from the Mayan hut, an ancestral expression of architecture that adapts in its entirety to the tropical environment throughout the peninsula, the lightness of the roof and the permeability of the surrounding wooden structure, allow thermal control through constant natural ventilation, “argue the architects.


Inside the rooms

Punta Caliza is thus a sensory experience, which intensifies even more inside the rooms. There, wood becomes the dominant element. “Each structural framework that supports the roof activates and promotes the interior experience, which allows a total transparency towards the private patios with vegetation and water, managing to stimulate the senses thanks to the smell of cedar and the sound of the body of water”, Salvador Macias and Magui Peredo count. The renowned professionals, who have been awarded several times, have managed to create a magical environment in Punta Caliza, which has even been nominated for the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize.


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