Hotel rooms you have to visit

Hotel rooms you have to visit – Visit the rooms of the rarest hotels in the world. Do not forget to visit these places and I took some photos, for the memory.

Thematic hotel about tequila

In Mexico, there is a hotel dedicated entirely to tequila. Where their guests sleep in a giant barrel. The hotel named Matices, is located next to a distillery called the Cofradía, in the city of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco.
In each room you have a minibar that is full of tequila so you can enjoy it at any time. Room price – € 150 per night.

Ice Hotels of the World

Ice Hotel Jukkasjäroi – Sweden.
Located in a small village 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

Hotel de Glace – Quebec – Canada
The beautiful Hotel de Glace is on the outskirts of Quebec City. You can enjoy the sugar hut, the ice coffee, the ice slide, the ice bar, the magic chapel and the store.

Snow Village, Finland

Hotel of Ice, Romania.
This hotel is located on the heights of the Cárpados Mountains, in the heart of Dracula, next to Lake Balea.

Eskimska Vas, Eskimo village, Slovenia
This Eskimo Village hotel. In the mountains of Slovenia, in the Balkans.

Hotel in the trees

In the coastal forest of Vancouver Island, Canada, there are three spherical tree houses. Guests can reach their rooms using spiral staircases.

Bubble Hotel

This Bubble Tree hotel (Atrapp Reve) in Allauch, Marseille, France. You can sleep in a plastic bubble, under a starry sky.

Hotel Costa Verde

Estravagante hotel of an airplane fuselage 727, in the middle of the jungle of Costa Rica.

Hotel Can Sleep

In Denmark, there is this strange hotel. Its structure is made up of 3.80 meters high beer cans.
Divided into two floors. The ground floor has a mini bar, full of beer and a round double bed on the upper floor.

Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Tanzania)

This hotel, located in the middle of the great ocean, offers peculiar rooms that are submerged to 4 etros under the sea.

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