Houses in places you should visit

Today we can find beautiful houses in unsuspected places and today we bring you a new blog called houses in places you must visit.

Has not it ever happened to you, that you are walking through the forest, a forest or a seemingly desert place? and there it is, a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere.
Yes, from wooden houses, to prefabricated concrete houses. Where architecture, good taste and decoration stand out in a house.

Houses, shacks, villas of large or small size.
This type of housing, are prepared for cold and heat with a large thermal insulation system and in many cases even acoustic insulation.

One of the great features of these houses, is that they have large windows, through which to look at the trees, rivers, mountains … that exist around the house.

A sunrise from the retreat, dream of many people. Self sustained houses, well water, wind energy or solar energy. Even many with internet connection, so you can work from the most hidden corners of this planet.

Types of houses

From wooden houses to brick, prefabricated or concrete.
Large windows, terraces or balconies.

Gardens that pamper the visits even to the owners, providing tranquility, well-being and comfort.

Estanques with great decoration, exotic plants, even natural rivers, that enliven the joy of living in this type of houses.

The exterior views are truly spectacular, with which you will want to wake up from your bed and look at the horizon.


35 photos (including photo cover), of beautiful houses. Some of these houses are for rent for tourists and others for weekends, such as rural houses.
Enjoy its swimming pools, the exterior chimneys, its rivers, forests, its sunsets, sunrises. Know the tranquility far from civilization, from the noise, from the Extrés, from the polluted smoke of the city and breathe a clean air, where it will seem that time stopped.

BLOG – Houses in places you should visit.
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