Poseidon submerged hotel in Fiji Islands

Poseidon submerged hotel in Fiji Islands – This elegant submerged hotel is located on a coral reef in the Fiji Islands.
Located more than 12 meters deep.
A luxury hotel for lovers of the ocean, besides being able to enjoy a fantastic room you can have a giant fish tank inside your room.

Price of one night

This luxurious hotel, The Poseidon Undersea Resor, has 22 suites, plus seven bars, six restaurants and a spa. It also has a luxurious restaurant, such as water sports.
A boutique, a theater room, a conference room as well as a chapel to celebrate weddings.

With an unattainable price for many pockets, as one night is around € 22,000,

Life under water

All its rooms besides being luxurious, are submerged, with large windows for those who see the ocean in its full beauty, colorful fish, rays and other aquatic animals.

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Blog – Poseidon submerged hotel in Fiji Islands

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