Swimming with sharks in Compass Cay Bahamas

Swimming with sharks in Compass Cay Bahamas, Exumas Islands – Bahamas, is an opportunity to interact with the most feared fish of the ocean, but in this case it is harmless. Take pictures while swimming among the sharks, is one of the constumbres of the place.

In the Exumas Islands in the Bahamas Compass Cay, is the home of these famous sharks, with which you can swim and take hundreds of photos, to immortalize the moment.

These islands of the Bahamas are famous for their incredible and diverse shark.

Exumas Sharks

Sharks with a wide head and brown, those that settle at the bottom of the ocean to eat rays, crustaceans, sand fish …, their mobility is slow, with strong jaws filled with thousands of pointed teeth.

They only bite if they are disturbed or stepped on, in general they are considered as quite harmless and calm.

They are warm waters, swim for a while and rest

Swimming among sharks

Although it seems frightening to swim among these sharks in Compass Cay, over time it has been shown that this type of sharks do not bother the human being.
These sharks know perfectly well that they are fed by the human, this is the reason why they are not interested in attacking arms or legs, although it is said that it is not their nature.

You can pet them, touch them or photograph them while you swim with them.
If you are in the water or on the shore, it is very likely that they will swim together.

It is advisable that while you feed them and be in the water with them, your hands should remain on your head.
If you cut yourself in the water, leave immediately, because the blood attracts them, just as you do not even think about getting into the water with an open wound.

Exumas sharks are not dangerous, but treat them with respect.

Island of pigs
In the Exuma district in the Bahamas, is the Island of the pigs, famous for its natural beauty, but also for its friendly inhabitants.
There are many rumors of how the pigs arrived on the island, since they are not part of the local fauna.
These rumors range from commercial strategies to attract tourism, until they could survive a shipwreck


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