Why travel to Fanjingshan?

Mount Fanjingshan

It is worth climbing the Fanjingshan in China. Recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Fanjingshan is a sacred Buddhist site (there are 48 temples on the mountain) that rewards hikers with strange rock formations and views of China’s Wuling mountain range above the clouds.

Mount Fanjingshan
Mount Fanjingshan

The steepest ascent is the one of the Red Clouds Golden Summit, which is about 2330 meters high, and two peaks with a temple in each, linked by a bridge. Instead of climbing, you can also ride the funicular, but the walk offers a close-up view of the rich biodiversity of Fanjingshan, which has endemic and rare species such as the Guizhou golden monkey.


Tongren, located east of the province of Guizhou, is the gateway to Mount Fanjing or Fanjingshan. Buses arrive from the mountain from the Tongren airport, the train station and the high-speed train station.

There is even a video with aerial view of the place.

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